You're here because you know that something is deeply missing in postpartum care.

Mamas don't need a concoction of supplements, pills, or quick fixes... they need holistic whole-body support.

  • 7 of every 10 women are prescribed prescription drugs in pregnancy.
  • More than 30% of women in postpartum will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder and rates are rising.
  • Women are at a 28% increased risk of developing a postpartum autoimmune disease in the first year after birth.
  • 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with a thyroid disorder.
  • Babies are suffering with increased childhood illnesses and disease.
  • Dysfunction and imbalances in motherhood are being labeled “normal”.
  • Women feel they are not fully supported in whole-body healing and that something major is missing from their overall care.

These statistics do not account for those who don’t feel safe sharing their experience, who aren’t aware of a problem until the fog of it begins to clear, or for those who don’t feel it until they begin to wean from breastfeeding or when the menstrual cycle returns a year or more after birth.

If we look at these numbers and facts, what we see is an epidemic. We see a universal crisis. And one that only we can solve together.


I was a healer before this program with a lot of drive and love for my clients but I didn’t realize how much knowledge I was missing. This program took my business and my confidence to a much greater level.

— Amanda Willson, Certified Functional Nutritionist, Pilates and Reiki Master

The world needs professionals like you.

Together, as midwives, doulas, nutritionists, doctors, chiropractors, counselors, mothers, and more, we can offer a holistic whole body approach to healing the mind, body, and soul of postpartum women everywhere.

Not only are we effectively changing the lives of mothers and their families, but we are also fulfilling a vision of better care for future generations.

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Explore Postpartum University Courses for Professionals:

Postpartum Nutrition Certification

A comprehensive 12-week program that gives providers the education and the tools to support mamas with healing and thriving after birth using functional nutrition. Cohorts open twice a year with limited availability.

  • Expanding your understanding of the physiological and psychological changes of postpartum.

  • Addressing the root cause of dysfunction, disease, and dis-regulation, including repletion and absorption.

  • Interweaving science, cultural traditions, and women’s stories into a sustainable practice.

  • Healing your own motherhood journey and health while creating long term generational well-being.

  • Empowering mothers and families while witnessing long term recovery that nourishes for a lifetime.


This class was intelligently brought forward and easy to follow. It was highly researched, which has matched and exceeded previous research I have done for myself. I even had a few “light bulb” moments for my own care and those women around me. I feel inspired to grow this into other area’s of my practice!

–Sally Cote, LC, Perinatal Nutrition Counselor


Holistic Postpartum Nutrition Training

Want to know exactly how to support your next postpartum client with custom functional nutrition recommendations that match their needs?

Get my 90-minute in-depth training where I share my evidence-based framework for holistic postpartum nutrition.

  • The only functional nutrition training specific to postpartum physiology, developed in accord with the Postpartum Nutrition Certification Program.
  • Multiple guidebooks and recipes, many of which you can print and share with your clients.

Perfect for those who don’t want a full certification or who are waiting for the certification program to open and want first access to its limited registration. Begin supporting your clients nutritionally so that you can heal mothers and families right away.


This training is an eye opener for how we can begin to provide better support. I look forward to adding this to my practice and continuing to deepen my education and understanding on this topic.

–Tenaj Ikner, Certified Doula, Medical Assistant

Postpartum Herbs, Care, and Practice

If you are wanting to safely bring traditional holistic herbal support to your clients, without having to become an herbalist, this is for you.

Our uniquely designed program is the only program of its kind. We provide you, as an expert in the field, solid recipes and instructions for creating your own herbal products, handouts you can offer your clients, complete guide and informational tools, and more. All focusing on supporting your postpartum clients whole-body needs.

This course series and 100-page downloadable book will give you a fundamental understanding of herbal use specifically in postpartum, and how you can use this information within your scope of practice.

postpartum herbs
doctor stacey lowe

As a pre/post natal and pregnancy chiropractor, I am beyond impressed with Maranda’s Postpartum Course content. These courses are well-rounded, easy to follow, and eye opening. They need to be shared with every women everywhere.

–Stacey Lowe, Chriopractor


Exclusive Mini Trainings

These are 90 minute, in-depth trainings on specific topics to help you support your clients that much deeper.