You're here as a professional and you know that something is deeply missing in postpartum care.

Mamas don't need a concoction of supplements, pills, or quick fixes. They need someone who knows how their body physiologically and psychologically functions. They need someone can get to the root of their needs...

That someone needs to be YOU.

postpartum healing, postpartum nutrition, postpartum professionals

Together as postpartum professionals: as midwives, doulas, nutritionists, doctors, chiropractors, counselors, mothers, and more…

We can offer an EFFECTIVE approach to healing the mind, body, and soul of postpartum women everywhere.

Become a Postpartum Professional at PPU®

Transform your postpartum practice with evidence-based education, advanced trainings, and a thriving practitioner community.

By joining Postpartum University’s® All Access Pass, you join a powerful group of doctors, midwives, doulas, counselors, and other postpartum professionals around the world that are changing the way women experience postpartum. Receive free trainings, materials, and access to a plethora of downloads and videos. Join us for monthly live trainings on postpartum topics, how to use Mama Thrive TM, and even monthly business support.

postpartum healing, postpartum nutrition, postpartum professionals
postpartum healing, postpartum nutrition, postpartum professionals

Take a Training

Want to know exactly how to support your next postpartum client with custom functional nutrition recommendations that match their needs?

Maybe you are wanting to safely bring traditional holistic herbal support to your clients, without having to become an herbalist?

Take a few of our incredible courses without needing a Professional Membership (these are included for free in our Professional Membership and you can learn more here).

Become Certified

A comprehensive 12-week program that gives providers the education and the tools to support mamas with healing and thriving after birth using functional nutrition. Cohorts open twice a year with limited availability.

  • Expanding your understanding of the physiological and psychological changes of postpartum.

  • Addressing the root cause of dysfunction, disease, and dis-regulation, including repletion and absorption.

  • Interweaving science, cultural traditions, and women’s stories into a sustainable practice.

  • Healing your own motherhood journey and health while creating long term generational well-being.

  • Empowering mothers and families while witnessing long term recovery that nourishes for a lifetime.

postpartum healing, postpartum nutrition, postpartum professionals

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