Postpartum is not depression or suffering


What we often know as common sense in postpartum isn’t working.

Postpartum mental health struggles are growing exponentially. Postpartum autoimmune disorders are becoming a new normal. And children are facing ever-increasing health challenges.

It’s time we approach motherhood from a different angle.

Welcome to PostpartumU®, a place where we combine both science and the sacred to support whole-body healing at its very core, so that mothers can heal, thrive, and love life with kids.

Want in on a little secret?

You don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to support you in deeply healing your mind, body, and soul in the postpartum years.

Not sure where to even begin? Take the free Postpartum Recovery Assessment and get a Personalized Healing Guide just for you.


Reclaiming Postpartum Wellness Course + Group Coaching Program
The Everything


A comprehensive all-encompassing step-by-step course + Group Coaching Program you need to get your individual needs + body back into alignment, experience real transformation, both body and mind, so you can finally feel joyful and excited about Motherhood. (Includes the Postpartum Repletion Plan).

Postpartum Repletion (Nutrition) Plan
The Essential


A 6-week nutrient-dense meal plan with recipes, herbs, supplements, and more. Designed specifically for the unique digestive needs of mothers with emphasis on repletion AND absorption so that you can experience less brain fog, more energy, and hormone balance faster and with ease.

Are you a professional who serves postpartum families?

You are not only witnessing the rise of chronic health concerns in the years postpartum, you’ve probably experienced them yourself, too.

The only way in which we can change the progressively worsening postpartum healthcare crisis is by addressing the root cause of dysfunction, disease, and dis-regulation within motherhood.


Featured at Universities, Conferences, and Publications around the world including:


The PostpartumU Circle Podcast

The first podcast ever conceived specifically to reclaim postpartum wellness, understand the post-birth body, and give natural support tools that extend beyond therapy. Created and produced for women who want to heal their body naturally in the YEARS after birth.


Meet Maranda Bower

Maranda Bower is the CEO and Founder of Postpartum University®, supporting both mothers and professionals in health, well-being while eliminating postpartum depression and anxiety.

As a bestselling author, international speaker, and founder of the Postpartum Nutrition Certification Program, she’s worked with thousands of people, awakening them into the joyful and fulfilling Sacred Window that is in the years of postpartum.

She lives on her beautiful homestead in Alaska with her husband and 4 children.