So you wanna be a Postpartum University® VIP?
So you wanna be a PPU® VIP?
We've got you covered.
You've been dying to get your hands on the Postpartum Nutrition Plan, including the exclusive physical book.

This year, we're giving away LIMITED physical book copies, which is usually only for premier clients and certified professionals.
It's Better Than Black Friday.
The newly released updated book is limited in number, and will only be available starting 11/18 (before Black Friday) until sold out.
What's This All About?
The only therapeutic functional nutrition program specific for the needs of mothers: The Postpartum Nutrition Plan.

Postpartum depletion affects more than 80% of mothers. And often that depletion lingers and worsens as the years go by.

Even if you've had your baby years ago, your nutritional deficiencies and malabsorbtion will continue to damage and exhaust your mind, body, and soul... eventually troubling your future menopause (unless you do something about it now).

The Postpartum Nutrition Plan is a highly distinguished in-depth e-book and online course, complete with:

  • 6 weeks of all meals planned, including snacks, so that you don't have to worry about what to cook.

  • 25+ easy and delicious dairy and gluten free recipes that the entire family will love. 

  • Shopping lists for ease and simplicity (everything you can readily find in your local supermarket).

  • Complete in-depth easy-to-implement guided e-book to give you a deeper understanding of what's happening within you and how this Plan works to support your needs. 

  • Freezer meal instructions for planning ahead and making meal time that much more simple and effortless (because you need more of that in your life!).

  • Vitamin supplement guide to maximize your nutrient intake correctly, without spending a ton of money on things that don't work anyway.

  • Complete detoxing in postpartum protocol (that's safe with breastfeeding) for those who may be struggling with toxic overload, candida, and/or parasites (yikes). 

Your Epic DEAL:
VIP Mamas get access to purchase the Postpartum Nutrition Plan eCouse and eBook AND get a book shipped directly to you for freeeee $356 $122 (a $234 SAVINGS).

Includes immediate eCourse and eBook access, plus the newly released updated book delivered via mail!

There are only 100 total VIP seats available.
Here's how it works:
Want to be a VIP and get 70% off savings on your Postpartum Nutrition Plan Book BUNDLE for yourself or a special friend?
  1. Get on the list now for your exclusive purchase.
  2. On 11/18, we'll send you a private link to purchase (only 100 books are available).
  3. When these sell out, the book will no longer be available to the public AND the price of the Postpartum Nutrition Plan online course will go back to $297.
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