Support your postpartum clients mentally, emotionally, and physically through functional nutrition.
You already understand the significance of the postpartum years. Now it's time to support hormone balance, nutrient repletion, and absorption for whole-body health and vitality.
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"This training is very insightful and I hope that all practitioners who work with postpartum mothers attend this training."
- Tanya Heinrich, RN, PNP

If you feel like the support you provide to your postpartum clients is not enough, you aren't alone.
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety rates are over 30% and continuing to rise.

  • Autoimmune dysfunction and diseases in the first year after birth are becoming a new normal.

  • Women feel they are not fully supported in whole-body healing and that something major is missing from their overall care.

As a birth/ postpartum professional, we aim to make an impact on the way in which women experience life after birth.

We know that the level of care a mother receives will directly impact her children, her partner, and her community.

It's time we fill the gaping gap of maternal health and offer a profoundly different whole-body approach to supporting your clients.

  • Strengthen your knowledge about the postpartum physiological changes that disrupt gut function, digestion, and absorption.

  • Expand your skills on how you can use functional nutrition in your toolbox to radically change the health outcomes of your clients.

  • Sharpen your professional expertise so that you feel more comfortable guiding your clients nutritional needs alongside your current healing modalities.

  • Revitalize your love for postpartum care while you witness recovery and deep healing within your clients.

This class was intelligently brought forward and easy to follow. It was highly researched, which has matched and exceeded previous research I have done for myself. I even had a few "light bulb" moments for my own care and those women around me. I feel inspired to grow this into other area's of my practice !
- Sally Cote, LC,
Perinatal Nutrition Counselor
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Program Overview
The Holistic Postpartum Nutrition Training for Professionals will give you the missing foundation necessary to transform postpartum care as we know it.

No matter if you are a doctor, chiropractor, midwife, counselor, doula, nurse, or other related postpartum support professional...

This 90-minute in-depth experience will give you an overview on nutrition, it's relationship to mental, emotional, and physical health, and how you can use this information within your practice.

In this training, you will learn:

  • Why postpartum is so important and how nutrition sets the foundation of healing.

  • The link between nutrient depletion and postpartum depression/anxiety.

  • The rising epidemic of autoimmune diseases in postpartum and how depletion is a main influence.

  • Four Key factors you can do that will ultimately shape a mother’s life forever.

This training is specifically created to support you in replenishing your client's nutrient stores while supporting their emotional/mental well-being.

With the Holistic Postpartum Nutrition Training for Professionals, you'll get:
The only functional nutrition training specific to postpartum physiology, developed in accord with the Postpartum Nutrition Certification Program.
Evidence-based information backed by science, cultural traditions, and the stories of women and providers around the world.
Multiple guidebooks and recipes, many of which you can print and share with your clients.
Access to a group of like-minded professionals so that you can ask questions, network, and further grow your business with nutrition.
Unlimited lifetime access, including updates, bonus trainings, and additional materials as provided.
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This training is an eye opener for how we can begin to provide better support. I look forward to adding this to my practice and continuing to deepen my education and understanding on this topic.
- Tenaj Ikner, Certified Doula, Medical Assistant
As a newly postpartum mom I absolutely loved it. I didn't know most of this when I had my first baby and I'm excited to use this information myself and then share it with future clients..
- Kaitlyn Navarre, Mother, Certified Doula
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The Holistic Postpartum Nutrition Training for Professionals gives you the basic functional nutrition information specific to postpartum hormone balance and overall well-being.
  • Pre-recorded videos let you work at your own pace with no hard-set finish rules or deadlines.

  • Comprehensive support for questions, followup information, and knowledge integration.

  • Availability to expand your training into a more comprehensive program with other passionate experts who are changing the world.
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Maranda Bower is the CEO and Founder of Postpartum University®, dedicated to empowering both mothers and professionals in redefining maternal well-being. With her extensive expertise in biology, nutrition, and perinatal mental health, she stands as a pioneering figure in the field.

Maranda possesses a profound understanding of the intricate physiological processes that underpin postpartum well-being. As a prolific researcher and accomplished author, including the bestselling book "Reclaiming Postpartum Wellness," her impactful work extends globally. She’s also the founder of the Postpartum Nutrition Certification Program, the only functional nutrition certification dedicated to the unique period that is postpartum.

She lives in her beautiful homestead in Alaska with her husband, 4 children, and many unruly chickens.
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