Book Cover Reveal Party!
Learn the behind-the-scenes of the book, Reclaiming Postpartum Wellness, that's challenging the entire postpartum industry.
Join us online for the releasing of the cover and an insider view of how this book came to be. A exclusive event with the author, Maranda Bower.
The medical model of postpartum “care” is failing women.
Our world has simply normalized mediocre motherhood along with depression, anxiety, and autoimmune diagnoses. “It’s just your hormones” has become a healthcare statement standard for so many, which leaves an entire population without answers or support. It’s time to talk about how to truly heal women’s bodies after giving birth. Now is the time to reclaim postpartum wellness.

This holistic step-by-step guidebook exists to break down barriers, bring you back into your body, and support you in creating more meaningful and consistent healing throughout your life, no matter where you are within your postpartum years.
We're not only revealing the book, we're also revealing the truth about an industry that's hurting so many.
Join us December 7th,
at 3pm Central.
We'll send you a private zoom link and you'll get exclusive access to:
  •  Being the first to see the book.
  • Chance to win a copy before the release of the book.
  • Special insider reading and a look into why/how this book will change the entire postpartum industry!
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Maranda Bower, the creator and founder of Postpartum University®, and the author of Reclaiming Postpartum Wellness.

She interweaves her four postpartum journeys of depression, anxiety, autoimmune disease, and more with her vast professional experience supporting women in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

This research-packed, profound book is complete with references, worksheets, and additional resources for moms at every stage.

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