Licensing Program
The Postpartum University® Nutrition Licensing Program expands on the knowledge and tools you gain from our certifications and offers a solid foundation on which to grow and build a thriving business.

Postpartum Nutrition is a rapidly growing field with more and more women seeking this out through their care team and providers, and the work you do at Postpartum University
® will make you a visible and authoritative expert in this area.
What You Need to Know.
The Licensing Program provides you with a unique opportunity to use the Postpartum Nutrition Plan book. There are a multitude of ways you can utilize this to enhance the services you offer. Listen into this video to learn more!

Lifetime Access
When you become a Licensed Provider, you have access to your license for life. There are no renewal fees or upkeep requirements. And we do our best to provide you with multiple tools, images, written copy, and more to help you advertise your services. 
Your Value
Our goal in providing this service to you is to support both mothers and your business in flourishing. The Postpartum Nutrition Plan is a proven plan that works. And by offering this, you are providing quality care, exceptional service, and unparalleled expertise, all in which make supporting your clients that much more rewarding and fruitful.
How it Works
After you purchase your Licensing Program, you can then purchase your physical copies of the Postpartum Nutrition Plan at our cost. Each book is $45 (with shipping included within the states), and 10-25% off is available for bulk orders more than 10. This means that you make a minimum of $352 per Postpartum Nutrition Plan you sell! Selling four books will completely cover your purchase of your Licensing Program. 

Selling this Postpartum Nutrition Plan isn't your only option. Many providers and professionals simply include the Postpartum Nutrition Plan within their packages. And because of the increase of value in your package, you can charge more if you so desire. 

Some examples:

  • Postpartum Doulas: Including the Postpartum Nutrition Plan in your welcome prepping for postpartum info packet, along with your post-birth doula sessions. 

  • Midwife/Doctor/Chiropractor: Including the Postpartum Nutrition Plan in welcome package when clients sign with you, making sure they understand the value of nutrition and your care for their overall health and healing. 

  • Coaches: Provide as part of working within your package of sessions. 

  • Educator: Including the Postpartum Nutrition Plan as part of a postpartum prep class. 

  • All providers: Sell as a stand alone product available to purchase, or create it's own package where you provide 3+ coaching sessions, along with the Postpartum Nutrition Plan. 
When you share this resource with your clients, they will also gain access to the associated Postpartum Nutrition eCourse. If you would like your clients to receive the eCourse portion, please email your client's first and last name and email address to: (Your clients or purchasers can also request access by sending their receipt of purchase from you to the email provided on the info page within the book that tells them exactly how to do this).
There are few limitations to how you can share or use this information. All of these are clearly outlined in your licensing agreement. The most important include that the Postpartum Nutrition Plan must be used in its complete form and cannot be duplicated or altered, and these materials cannot be used to train other providers, or create an eCourse.

If you are ever unsure of how you can successfully add the Postpartum Universe®  Licensing Program to your work, don't hesitate to contact us and our team at 
Licensing Agreement:

Intellectual Property Rights and Limited License for the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™

Limited License to Copyright
Through your purchase of this course, Maranda Bower LLC grants you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ for your personal use and/or for use in the course of your business. Specifically, you may use the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ for your own personal use or when providing one-on-one services to your clients. You may also resell the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ individually, but may not divide the work or resell, copy, or repurpose only portions of the Plan.
You may not:
  • Use the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ in your own group programs.
  • Use the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ within your own online course.
  • Use the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ within your own membership site.
  • Use the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ to train other professionals.
  • Republish the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ on a publicly accessible forum or platform.
  • Copy and/or repurpose only portions of the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™.
In its sole discretion, Maranda Bower LLC may revoke this license at any time. Any rights not expressly granted to you are reserved to Maranda Bower LLC.

Limited License to Trademark Rights
If you have participated in and successfully completed the certification program, Maranda Bower LLC shall grant you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revokable license to use the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ mark, to which Maranda Bower holds exclusive common law rights, to signify and promote the incorporation of this plan into your own client services.

Your use of the mark is limited to promotional materials such as your website, social media and other promotional materials, as well as your internal client materials.

In displaying the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ mark, you may not suggest a joint venture, franchise, or partnership with Maranda Bower LLC.

In its sole discretion, Maranda Bower LLC may revoke this license at any time. Any rights not expressly granted to you are reserved to Maranda Bower LLC.

If you violate any portion of these terms, you must destroy any copies you made of the Postpartum Nutrition Plan™ content immediately and your right to access and use the material shall terminate automatically. Maranda Bower LLC reserves the right to take any and all appropriate legal action against infringement upon its intellectual property rights. Maranda Bower LLC also reserves the right to revoke your access to any purchased material, without refund, and take any appropriate legal action.
By using the Postpartum Nutrition Plan in your business, you are setting a bar of quality, evidence-based care, and exceptional purpose.
We wish you the absolute best in spreading the word and supporting families in healing in motherhood.

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