The Future of Postpartum
redefining a health crisis for a better tomorrow
A masterclass for professionals on the urgent changing landscape of postpartum care and the critical action needed for better health outcomes.
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Brought to you by the internationally acclaimed Postpartum University®
At the heart of this movement is the urgent need to address the alarming rates of maternal mortality and morbidity, postpartum depression, anxiety, and autoimmune disease, and to empower women to achieve better health outcomes during the postpartum period.
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You'll get immediate access to this 60 minute free masterclass that will cover:

  • Understanding the landscape of care over generations so that you can prepare for the next era (in which we are at the cusp of).

  • Identifying the unique challenges that women face during the postpartum period, so that you can pivot your work and provide the best support needed.

  • Redefining and reclaiming postpartum care and the key steps that must be taken to improve postpartum health outcomes for women, children, and families.
We are standing at the beginning of a new era in postpartum care, and it is essential that we take critical action now to ensure a brighter future.

You will be given a followup BONUS download with specific information that goes beyond this Masterclass.

Join us professionals in this masterclass as we gather to turn crisis into opportunity.
You will walk away with:

  • Up-to-date stats and knowledge of the unique challenges that postpartum women face right now and WHY it's happening from a historical context.

  • Strategies to pivot your work to provide the best support for women during the postpartum period now, and for future generations.

  • A clear step-by-step plan of action to improve postpartum health outcomes and empower women to achieve better health.

All (and more!) will be provided to you, including additional downloads.
The future of postpartum is in your hands. Together, we can change it for the better.
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