Detoxing in Postpartum
An in-depth training for mothers and the professionals who serve them.
Should you detox after having a baby? What if you're breastfeeding? Is there a safe way to it? Is it necessary in order to heal?

We're surrounded with these questions within this field and it's important we know, for the health and safety of a mama and her baby, the details behind detoxing in the years after birth.

After reviewing some new research, it's beyond clear that detoxing may be a necessary component to healing after childbirth. So much so, that it's being added to all my programs.

In this 90 minute training, I'll be covering the science behind detoxing, how it impacts the body, why/when it's important, and a step-by-step guide on how to do it safely and effectively (working WITH the body's natural ability to detox).

Includes instructive and how-to guide.

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Meet Maranda Bower + Postpartum University®
Maranda Bower is the CEO and Founder of Postpartum University®, supporting both mothers and professionals in health, well-being while eliminating postpartum depression and anxiety.

As a bestselling author, international speaker, and founder of the Postpartum Nutrition Certification Program, she's worked with thousands of people, awakening them into the joyful and fulfilling Sacred Window that is in the years of postpartum.

She lives on her beautiful homestead in Alaska with her husband and 4 children.