You're done feeling physically + emotionally depleted. It's time for some real whole-body support.

We know what it means to be depressed, anxious, and experiencing symptoms that are always chalked up to "just your hormones".

  • Crawling out of bed in the morning desperate to get right back in. You have nothing left to give.

  • All-of-a-sudden snapping into a rage that feels unstoppable (both your children and your partner take the punches).

  • Crying over every little thing, no matter how hard you try not to. You feel so out of control.

  • Feeling like your unrecognizable in your body and wondering if you are broken beyond repair.

  • Guilt and shame for not being enough, doing enough, and for doing all the things you swore you never would as a mother.

It’s not just your hormones, mama. And there is more needed to heal that extends beyond the modern medical approach.



Maranda – I am writing this with literal goosebumps.

What a BEAUTIFUL offering this resource is! I am just about to cruise into my third trimester and this couldn’t possibly have come at a better time. You are a wealth of knowledge and are changing the game for postpartum women. Thank you for this guide and everything you do!


Postpartum Repletion (Nutrition) Plan:

A 6-week nutrient-dense meal plan with recipes, herbs, supplements, and more.


Designed specifically for the unique digestive needs of mothers with emphasis on repletion AND absorption so that you can experience less brain fog, more energy, and hormone balance faster and with ease.


I had one baby without the postpartum nutrition plan and now one with it and y’all, I firmly believe every momma needs this! So helpful! My experiences were night and day. I’m still going back to it 3 months postpartum just cause the recipes are yummy and I feel better eating them. It’s laid out so it’s easy to use and prep/cook food. I’m not experiencing crazy anxiety or depression. No crazy hairloss. No bloating or pain like I did with my first. I have energy and tools to handle life and care for my body inside and outside. It’s fantastic and I’m so grateful Maranda has made this plan to guide moms thru this special, unique time of life. –Arielle S.

postpartum recovery

Free Postpartum Recovery Course

Heal your post-birth body and transform your family’s health in the process.


No matter if you’re are 3 weeks or 3 years postpartum, this free course will show you how to heal, build your immune system, and balance your hormones for good.

Experiencing community relationships that support continuity of care, integrity, and growth is something we greatly value. Without community as mothers, we only add to the ancestral wound that have created the maternal health gap in the first place. Every course and project within Postpartum University comes with full community access and support.


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