The Postpartum Pro Guide to Confidence + Clients
Download your free book on boosting confidence, getting clients, and building a thriving business in the perinatal field.
"I was struggling with self-doubt and felt stuck in my perinatal practice. This guide provided me with practical, evidence-based approaches that I could implement immediately. The change has been remarkable—not only do I feel more confident, but my client list has grown exponentially. I can't recommend this book enough!" - Sarah L., Lactation Consultant
Are you a dedicated birth/postpartum provider or professional?

Do you feel unsure of yourself, making it hard to get more clients and grow your business?

If so, you've found your solution.

If you are struggling with confidence and want to improve your client base and business success, this book is for you.

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I've build a massive business after once struggling with self-doubt, self-sabotage, and nearly 10 years with only a sprinkle of clients. And I see so many incredible women in the field suffering from the same thing I did.

I created this PDF book for you showing you exactly what I've done to beat the lack of confidence and create a thriving business that supports my family and my community.

Inside these 40+ beautiful pages, you'll discover:

1. Beating Self-Doubt: Real tips and tricks to stop doubting yourself and start believing in your abilities.

2. Getting More Clients: Easy ways to attract new clients and make your business grow.
3. Empowering Actionable Tools: Tools to help you feel strong and confident every day.
4. Real-Life Stories: Inspiring stories from others who have faced and overcome the same challenges.
Download your free book on boosting confidence, getting clients, and building a thriving business in the perinatal field.

Brought to you by the highly acclaimed Postpartum University®. Featured at Universities, Conferences, and Publications around the world, including:

"The Postpartum Pro Guide to Confidence + Clients is a game-changer! Before downloading the book, I felt lost and unsure about how to grow my client base. The actionable tools and real-life stories resonated deeply with me. Now, I feel empowered every day, and my business has seen a significant uptick in new clients. Thank you, Postpartum University®!" -Eva W., Postpartum Doula

"The Postpartum Pro Guide is like having a mentor by your side. The tips on beating self-doubt and attracting more clients were exactly what I needed. I've gone from feeling overwhelmed to feeling like I can conquer anything. My business is thriving, and I owe it all to the insights shared in this playbook." -Laura T., Postpartum Nutritionist

"This book is an absolute must-read for anyone in the postpartum field. The powerful combination of confidence-building strategies and client acquisition tips has transformed my practice. I now have a steady stream of clients and the confidence to support them effectively. I'm so grateful for the wisdom packed into these beautiful pages." - Jess E., Postpartum Fitness Coach

Gain immediate access to expert knowledge and resources that can elevate your postpartum practice.

It's our gift to you, because we believe in healthier, happier mothers and families, and the pros who serve them.

Meet Maranda Bower + Postpartum University®
Maranda Bower is the CEO and Founder of Postpartum University®, dedicated to empowering both mothers and professionals in redefining maternal well-being. With her extensive expertise in biology, nutrition, and perinatal mental health, she stands as a pioneering figure in the field.

Maranda possesses a profound understanding of the intricate physiological processes that underpin postpartum well-being. As a prolific researcher and accomplished author, including the bestselling book "Reclaiming Postpartum Wellness," her impactful work extends globally. She’s also the founder of the Postpartum Nutrition Certification Program, the only functional nutrition certification dedicated to the unique period that is postpartum.

She lives in her beautiful homestead in Alaska with her husband, 4 children, and many unruly chickens.